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Conceptual Design & Architecture

Architecture turns concepts into buildings.


Cities, buildings, places, and spaces influence urban living across the world and play a fundamental role in enhancing quality of life. Regardless of how complex the concept or project idea is, our multidisciplinary team will work together from the outset to make it happen. With an integrated approach to Masterplanning, Architecture, Design, and Sustainability, Reify. works with developers, investors, and governments for the creation of solutions and a positive legacy.


Other services: Masterplanning / Interior Design / Graphic Design / Lighting Design / Wayfinding / Public Art / Landscaping / Green Buildings / BIM / Due Diligence

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Engineering provides effective, innovative and sustainable solutions.


Solid technical expertise is the foundation of any ambitious project. Our team of world-class engineers work hand-in-hand with integrated design teams, combining experts from all major fields, to streamline the construction process and focus on lasting performance.


Other services: Structural / Mechanical / Electrical / HVAC / Communications / Hydraulics / Plumbing / Fire / Security / Traffic /  Acoustic / BIM /Due Diligence


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Development & Project Management

Proactive management from project planning to construction completion.


Managing complexity in real estate goes beyond organising hundreds or thousands of people involved in a project. Reify. uses unique methodology and expertise allowing to focus on what truly matters. Together we proactively manage inputs and outputs to maximize project gains and minimize costs and time.

Other services: Development Management / Project Management / Design Management / Construction Management / Tender Management / Cost Advisory / Cost Control / Value Engineering / Health & Safety / Due Diligence

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Intelligence & Strategy

Adding value to clients, to markets and to people.


Supporting decision-making with actionable insights allows for better projects and business plans while diminishing risk. Reify. has both the extensive knowledge of the global market, and the technical capacity to convert that into relevant information to investors’ business plans. In addition, our analysts and strategists are also focused on what people, both society and individuals, aim for, and need, to succeed in the cities of the future. This combination of analysis and insights informs our practice and allows Reify. to best advise our clients.


Other Services: Market Feasibility Study /  Product Strategy / Positioning / Location Analysis / Mix Definition / Repositioning Strategies / Consumer Research / Trend Analysis / Forecast & Planning / Due Diligence

Licensing & Urban Planning

Great planning makes great cities happen.


Urban creation is a combined effort between planners, developers, and authorities to achieve common goals. Reify. has a unique approach to the licensing process that is fundamental to achieving efficient processes. Our multidisciplinary team considers all these aspects right from the beginning so that the end result is fully aligned with the project objectives.

Other Services: Licensing / Urban Planning / Advisory // Licensing Management / Licensing Strategy / Urbanistic Feasibility / Due Diligence

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Cities and neighbourhoods that are vibrant, resilient, and sustainable are the basis for urban quality of life.


Reify.’s integrated approach to masterplanning ensures the connection between buildings, social settings, and surrounding environments. We embrace a people-centric approach that not only acknowledges people’s needs, but also global issues that impact our future cities and lives. At Reify. we are Urban Creators committed to help create impactful and inspiring urban spaces where people feel welcome, happy and safe.

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Mixed-use projects can be much more than the sum of parts.


Work-live-and-play schemes are carefully thought out and designed so that each use performs individually while enriching the others. Uses and users are inextricably intertwined, the level of integration is fully dependent on knowledge applied during the development and process. At Reify. we seek to fully unlock the potential of mixed-use projects in order to improve their value and that of their surroundings.

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Healthcare projects are worthwhile challenges.


Healthcare is a fast-evolving sector, in which space innovation and flexibility have become fundamental. These projects need to meet the demands of the profession, but they also require a design centred on the patient. Personalized patient rooms, functional facilities, overcrowd prevention, and scalable rooms are among some of the features that we value when designing and developing healthcare projects.


Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, senior living, and other healthcare units need buildings that place a stronger emphasis on their users, so that people experience tranquillity and a sense of home and familiarity.


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Creating an amazing and lasting first impression on guests.


Truly outstanding places within the hospitality sector spark travellers’ loyalty across the world. Great places, both technically and aesthetically, will create that spark for everyone from the moment of arrival, whether an urban business hotel or a secluded resort. Delivering projects that have the capacity to surprise guests and fulfil their ever-evolving needs is what distinguishes Reify.


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Office spaces have the power to shape companies and employees’ daily lives.


There are many variables to take into account when designing workplaces, such as flexibility, inspiration, productivity, collaboration, connectivity, amenities, urban relationship, and sustainability. These are among those that Reify.’s multidisciplinary team must tackle from the early development process in order to deliver inspiring and efficient offices and workplaces.


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Feeling at home.


Home is where it all starts, and it is probably the most influential factor when it comes to quality of living. From single dwellings to high-rise towers, from pure residential to branded residences, or student housing, Reify. shapes and accommodates different lifestyles and communities.

The quality of Reify. residential projects ensure individual’s and families’ comfort and well-being.

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More than retail; living places.


Delivering great retail means creating places where people enjoy spending time and the evolution of retail has accentuated this need across the sector.

From high-street to large shopping centres, designer outlets to airport retail, or even traditional farmers’ markets, the sector always needs to consider the needs of investors and businesses, but above all, consumer experiences.

For that reason, Reify. has long adopted a unique methodology to have consumers at the core of the development process, successfully designing, managing, and delivering various retail spaces across the world.

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