The CookBook

The CookBook

Conceptual Design & Architecture
Development & Project Management
Intelligence & Strategy
Licensing & Urban Planning
1.300 m2
Porto, Portugal
Nuveen Real Estate / Sierra Prime

From tradition to modernity.

The CookBook, the most recent NorteShopping food hall, opened late 2019 and offers differentiating gastronomic experiences in a modern and vibrant environment while evoking traditional food markets and street environments.

Reify. converted an old bowling alley area in NorteShopping to present The CookBook, an innovative and attractive space inspired by traditional food markets and offering differentiating gastronomic concepts responding to new consumer trends

The design harks back to kitchens of other times; where comfort is paramount. Woods and light tones predominate lending a feeling of space to the room. Additionally, the existing food court has now a new transition space, its design inspired by typical Irish pubs enhancing the invitation for leisure and conviviality.

Reify.’s multidisciplinary team was responsible for the full concept and delivery of the project.

The CookBook by Reify
The CookBook by Reify
The CookBook by Reify